ReCycle 2.2

Creates and modifies sampled audio loops
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Manage sampled loops by accessing and controlling multiple playback parameters and applying the available special effects. The program supports editing and mixing, replacing individual slices with custom samples, deleting them, setting slice length, etc. Visualization options are available.

ReCycle is a handy utility that allows you to edit your favorite songs and create amazing mixes. The program comes with dozens of audio effects and sampled loops that you can use in your mixes.
When you run ReCycle for the first time, you are asked to check the audio settings before using the software, so that the application will work properly. You will be able to customize the interface by adding toolbars to the main menu, toolbars which provide with handy components (Envelope, Equalizer, Transient Shaper, etc.). You will also be able to modify the color of the waveform, the appearance (plain, 3D, shaded) and the contrast.

The application gives you access to 5 useful samples (Tutorial .rx2, Drum Loop, Housebeat, Scratch, Git Comp) which you can use while editing audio files. This utility will cut your tune into small parts according to their tempo so that you can modify the desired section with ease, without damaging the song when performing the alterations.

While editing the tune, you can adjust all kinds of audio settings, such as the Gate sens, Pitch, Gain, Tempo levels, and add as many audio effects as you want, effects like Fake Backwards, Synth Chopper, Pressurize, Bass Remove and many others.

Once you finish editing your audio file, you can preview your final result and save it, though if you are using the demo version, "Save" and "Save As..." are disabled and you can use the program only with the built-in loops.

Cutting a long story short, ReCycle is an advanced audio editing tool that gives you access to dozens of handy tools which will help you improve your mixes.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Customizable interface
  • Comes with 5 samples for you to use in your mixes
  • Access to dozens of audio effects


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